Children’s hospital Volunteer

Hands shape, play, communicate. Hands speak. For us, having a hand in something has a special meaning when it comes to working with clay! In clay modelling, thoughts and emotions take shape through the hands: the profound experience of hands in direct contact with material releases tension and pain and helps people forget about their ordeals: the clay melts it all away. Nothing is irreversible and you can always roll it all back up into a ball and start over.

Volunteering with children: "Joy-givers" wanted!

Volunteers are an essential resource for carrying out the Foundation’s activities, offering their commitment with love, dedication and passion and giving their free time to children in hospitals.
Apply now if you too would like to “have a hand” in our success too! Together we can do even more.

Volunteer near me: how to become a volunteer

To express an interest in becoming a volunteer with the Gioia ConCreta Association and to find out if ceramic therapy workshops are running in your area, you can:

To apply, you just need to be aged 18 or over with a great desire to give smiles to less fortunate children.

It doesn’t matter if you’re familiar with clay modelling or not, since you’ll receive adequate practical training.


Volunteer work: what if applications are closed or there isn’t a workshop in my area?

Maybe we'll organise an event and need a photographer or someone familiar with video production.
We all have talents and passions to share, and there’s always plenty to do here in our little family! So an extra pair of hands never does any harm.

Get in touch and discover how you can help through your volunteer experience.

Volunteer abroad: a family that never stops growing!

There are more than 600 of us today, but we want to get bigger and bigger. 
Thanks to your constant support we’ll be able to carry on growing and bringing joy to more and more hospitals!