The workshops take care of them.
You can take care of a workshop
by adopting one.

What does it mean to adopt a workshop?

It means taking care of it over time, with small acts of kindness. Helping it grow. And guaranteeing its sustainability and continuity over time.

Permanent workshops cost €35,000 each on average a year and are offered totally free of charge in the hospital facilities hosting them. Opening a workshop is easy; making sure it carries on running is a challenge, which we work hard to rise to every year.

Anyone can decide to adopt a workshop and support it by making a recurring donation. Whether you give €1 or €1,000, it is the thought that counts.
Little from many is what is important for us, and we truly believe it. Because what makes the difference is a little gesture from the hearts of many!

How can I adopt a workshop?

Directly on our website:

  • by clicking on the “Donate now” button (at the top right of all pages on our website) and selecting the Adopt your own workshop button
  • directly from the page dedicated to the workshop of your choice
By bank transfer, stating the name of the workshop in the payment description, e.g. Adoption of Padua Workshop

Donation options:

  • monthly
  • yearly

These are the recommended and most popular options, but there are no obligations with respect to frequency. You may even decide to donate €50 twice a year, for example.

How can I adopt

What does adoption involve?

Adoption is an ethical choice and is not subject to any contractual obligations.
For example, if in the beginning you decided to donate €10 every month to the Trento Workshop, but you are now no longer able to for personal reasons, you can simply stop donating. There are no penalties.

Adoption is a pure act of trust: the Foundation’s trust in you. It is a promise we hope can be kept.
Because we have promised the workshop to the children for real, every week, all year round. We cannot, therefore, go back on this promise.
And that is why we need you.

Little from many

By making small but regular donations, you can help us keep alive our ceramic therapy workshops, which help children in paediatric oncology and haematology departments take their minds off their disease by modelling clay with a smile and creativity.