Our financial statements

Giving smiles through clay modelling, especially to children staying in hospitals: this is the main goal of our Foundation.

To do this, we try and focus our efforts optimally, by committing 89.08% of expenditure to our institutional activities, or, in other words, to conducting permanent ceramic therapy workshops in children’s departments, especially in oncology and haematology and neuropsychiatry departments.

We try very carefully to keep overheads and managements costs to a strict minimum. These represent just 11% of total costs, thanks to the massive contribution from many volunteers of the Gioia ConCreta Association who support our activities alongside the children.

Transparency is therefore our watchword, as a guarantee of our reliability and security for the many contributors who support our work by giving their help.

Below is a summary of the 2018 data:

€ 1.180.768,87        TOTAL COSTS


Our articles of association

Our articles of association regulate the life and running of our association, and therefore our purpose, our activities and the management of funds.

Download the Foundation’s Articles of Association

Our Team

We have many activities and take advantage of a dedicated and professional team to put them into action.

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"Find joy for yourself and bring joy to others"

That was the life motto of Countess Lene Thun, who, ever since she was a little girl, won the hearts of those by her side with cute clay-modelled figures.